1. Manuscripts will only be accepted in electronic form. Submission packs must contain three separate documents; the full manuscript, an entry form and a synopsis (maximum 500 words). All documents must be double spaced in Microsoft™ Word with each page numbered in sequential order. Any submissions made without following these requirements will be rejected.
  2. Manuscripts should not contain the name of the author or a pseudonym anywhere on the manuscript or synopsis. The name of the author should only appear on the entry form.
  3. The closing date for entries is Midnight (GMT), Monday, March 13th 2017.
  4. All submissions should be made to
  5. The winner will be announced at the 2017 Dundee Literary Festival (18th – 22nd October 2017)
  6. The entry must be a novel, in English and an original work of fiction.
  7. Only one manuscript per entrant and authors must be living at the time.
  8. There is no limit on the length of the submitted novel.
  9. Submissions represented by an agent are acceptable and we ask that the agent make the submission.
  10. Applicants must not have any novel(s) previously published in print, neither the manuscript entered into the prize, nor a different book. The manuscript entered into the prize will, if published, be the applicant’s first published novel. Any manuscript entered for this prize found to have been self-published or published before in print in English by any party, and any author found to have a novel already published shall be notified and disqualified.
  11. Submissions that have been self-published on Kindle or in ebook format previously will be accepted.
  12. Submissions may not be under current consideration by another publisher before March 31st 2017. Any submissions found to be under consideration will be disqualified.
  13. Novels for children or young adults will not be accepted.



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